Friday, December 22, 2006

Miss Nevada Nude Photos

Well I heard this morning on HNN from my favorite newswoman Robin Meade that Miss Nevada has been stripped of her title for letting herself be photographed in the nude or near nude. She is one beautiful woman and I see no problem with her showing off her assets. The pictures were taken 5 years ago so give her a break! If you want to view the photos of Katie Rees go to:

Honey and honeystix for Sale

In my quest to earn extra income to put towards my anticipated early retirement I am helping out a friend who is a beekeeper. He is the sole proprietor of Golden Delight Honey Farms. He sells Louisiana Wildflower Honey, Honeystix, Chunk Honey, Cut Honeycomb, Bee Pollen, Propolis, Beeswax soaps and candles.

Bee products can be used as a natural remedy for several ailments:Bee Pollen- Bee pollen is very rich in vitamins, and contains almost all known minerals, enzymes, trace elements, and amino acids. These compounds provide the human body with everything it needs. As a nutritional supplement, bee pollen helps to build the human immune system and aids in providing energy for the entire human body. Bee pollen contains B-complex vitamins along with vitamins A, C, D, and E. In addition, it contains beta carotene, selenium, and lecithin, all minerals helpful to the body. This combination of elements results in bee pollen’s use as a great anti-oxidant. Research has demonstrated that bee pollen has an immunizing effect, while simultaneously enhancing vitality and helping to expel toxins from the body.Propolis- Propolis is usually sold in health food stores as a natural organic medicine for its powerful local antibiotic and antifungal properties. It is also used to treat skin burns, allergies, canker sores, and as a remedy for sore throat. It may stimulate the immune system, but it should not be taken if the user is likely to have severe allergic reaction to bees.I will post product prices soon but for now if you want to know more about the products or order you can email me at

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Nicole Richie busted for DUI, Admits Vicodin Use

Nicole Richie was arrested for DUI, but was under the legal limit for alcohol. She admitted to taking Vicodin and smoking pot. She only weighs 85 pounds, probably a half a vicodin would get her loopy. She was previously busted for heroine possession so maybe she has a greater tolerance than I think. Anyhow you can read the account for yourself at Nicole Richie Got Busted