Thursday, July 03, 2008

I am still convinced that is the cheapest and most reliable pharmacy on the web. However, I have encountered one setback, the company will not ship any meds tothe state of Louisiana. When I talked with the Customer service rep she said that they are in the process of getting a pharmacy liscense in LA. This hurts me considerably because I live in LA. If you do not live in La. this problem should not affect your orders and will continue to get them Fed-exed the next day. In the meantime I am going ot search for a internet pharmacy that does ship to La. and has quality service just like INthe meantime I hope they fix this problem because I have been ordering from them for 3 years and I do not like to change. If I find another site that is comparable I will let you know.

Governor Jindal finally Vetos pay raises!

Well, this has got to have some effect on the national political prospects for Bobby Jindal, the rising star from Louisiana. Jindal, the Louisiana governor, on Monday vetoed, after promising not to, a pay raise that the state Legislature had voted for itself. he Legislature wanted to more than double its pay to $37,500. Why did Jindal change his mind again? An uprising among voters, in the form of a recall petition. The Times-Picayune sums up the brief history: "Jindal was widely criticized for failing to stop the raise before it was passed and his initial refusal to veto it. He said he had promised lawmakers that he would not use his veto, but he also pledged during his gubernatorial campaign last year to prohibit an immediate legislative pay raise."

So to recap, first Jindal promised to stop the pay raise, then told legislators he wouldn't stop the pay raise, then -- looking at his own political mortality -- reversed direction again and stopped the pay raise. Jindal fell on the sword Monday, thanking "the people for their voice and their attention" -- that would be the recall petition -- and added: "The voters have demanded change. ... I made a mistake by staying out of it."

Now I did not vote for Jindal or against him for Governor of LA. I had just moved to LA from NM before But if it comes down to McCain/ Jindal or Obama/ Richardson I will pull the lever for McCain. I lived in New Mexico for Richardson's entire gubernatorial incumbancy, and I have never been a fan of his policies. He is a typical government fatcat. We do not need him in the VPs office. Notice I have not said anything bad about Obama because he has such little experience to criticize. You may say I am a typical republican but that would be wrong. I am a conservative who loves my county and wants whats best for it.