Sunday, August 31, 2008

A web site for greedy people

Well since I have nothing to do but sit around and wait to see if Hurricane Gustaf is gonna mow my property down, I surf the web for anything interesting. Since one of my reasons to even maintain this blog (if you could call what I do maintaining)is to find ways to make money so I can retire early. Anyhow, I ran across an interesting web site last night called Members of this site can state what they would do for money or they could take other members up on their proposals. Some of these can be relatively simple to downright weird. One fellow wanted to pay someone $25 to go into the store and buy feminine pads for his girlfriend because he was embarrassed to do it and she wanted him to. I would do it in a heartbeat, since I have been married for many years and after a while you just do not care what others think. I signed up but I have not received my activation email yet. I guess I am out of $25, I wonder if he would pay travel expenses also because I do not know where he lives? Anyway check it out here. If you become a paying member mention my name: Snakeflake.

Tired of waiting on Hurricane Gustaf to hit

I live right in the path of what the experts are saying is the route Hurricane Gustaf will most likely take. Although I live approximately 60 miles inland, if it comes this way it will likely be very nasty. I was here during Katrina and Rita. I have been watching the weather for days saying "Hurricanes can change direction on a dime" or "It will probably change direction. Well it has not so I am very tired from preparing for a hit. I have filled sandbags, moved or tied everything down in the yard. I do not live in a flood zone but I don't think that matters when you get 12 inches of rain overnight as they have predicted. I have no flood insurance, so if anything happens I hope it is wind damage and not water. What a way to spend a long labor day weekend! Maybe I will get Tuesday off if Gustaf hangs around. I really have the minimal necessities such as a small generator (very small can run two appliances), 10 gallons of gas, 10 gallons of water (tap water in a plastic storage container). I am not buying bottled water it is too expensive. I have a couple of flashlights, a battery powered lantern, and a radio. It is kind of scary but kind of exciting at the same time. I have been through many hurricanes before but not when I owned the house. Having a hurricane head for a home you have been paying on and still owe over 100K on is a different matter. Well if you never hear from me again after the hurricane, I probably lost it all.