Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tired of waiting on Hurricane Gustaf to hit

I live right in the path of what the experts are saying is the route Hurricane Gustaf will most likely take. Although I live approximately 60 miles inland, if it comes this way it will likely be very nasty. I was here during Katrina and Rita. I have been watching the weather for days saying "Hurricanes can change direction on a dime" or "It will probably change direction. Well it has not so I am very tired from preparing for a hit. I have filled sandbags, moved or tied everything down in the yard. I do not live in a flood zone but I don't think that matters when you get 12 inches of rain overnight as they have predicted. I have no flood insurance, so if anything happens I hope it is wind damage and not water. What a way to spend a long labor day weekend! Maybe I will get Tuesday off if Gustaf hangs around. I really have the minimal necessities such as a small generator (very small can run two appliances), 10 gallons of gas, 10 gallons of water (tap water in a plastic storage container). I am not buying bottled water it is too expensive. I have a couple of flashlights, a battery powered lantern, and a radio. It is kind of scary but kind of exciting at the same time. I have been through many hurricanes before but not when I owned the house. Having a hurricane head for a home you have been paying on and still owe over 100K on is a different matter. Well if you never hear from me again after the hurricane, I probably lost it all.

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