Thursday, November 09, 2006

My new corn snake

Saturday I went to a reptile show with my this years offspring to see if I could trade for some new bloodlines. My adult corn snakes are getting old and I am afraid that they may not be able to breed soon. I don't raise snakes just to sell but I give some away, trade some and sell some sometimes. All of the amelanistic hatchlings turned out to be male and the normal is female. I wanted to keep the normal and get it a mate from a different bloodline. I ended up trading one of the amelanistics for a anerythristic female corns. So now I have 2 male amelanistic and 2 females one normal and one enrythristic. Some new blood in the collection will be good and if the new snakes are hetero for anything maybe after a few generations maybe I will have different morphs. I make little money if any, and probably spend more feeding them but hobbies are good and when I retire I may get more other species and make a little money off of the offspring.

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