Thursday, August 16, 2007

Odd Combo of Words Gets Hits

I just noticed that probably 90% of the hits on this blog get here through a combination of search phrase. I have posted links to celebrities caught nude from time to time. Everyone likes to see celebrities caught with their pants down. I have blogged on Katie Rees, Britney Spears, and other celebrities nude or showing their privates getting out of cars. I have never even made the statement that I have photos of Robin Meade nude, semi-nude or otherwise. I am sure I have mentioned Robin Meade at some point because I like her and watch her every morning, but I am pretty sure she has never done nude photography. She is very classy. However, most of my hits are people searching for "Robin meade nude" or "Robin Meade upskirt". I don't mind the hits from these misguided souls but I would appreciate it more if they would click on one or more of the banners. The best one is I run this website. It is not a scam. Most everyone has prescriptions they continually refill. If they go to the MD just to get a refill, this site can save you money on Dr. Visits and saving money for later retirement is what this website is all about.

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