Thursday, June 11, 2009

Making Money

Today I was checking my email and I opened a report from my sitecounter. It says I have had several visitors this month even though I have not posted anything new in a while. Now I realize that my site is pretty eclectic, I generally write about what is on my mind. But usually there is a central theme. I want to make more money so that I can retire early. I post about Thailand because my wife is a Thai citizen even though we have Been married for 15 years (I will explain why another day), but I have a contingency plan is to retire in Thailand. I post about politics and the economy because they both effect my goals.

Generally my goals are to make money. I have several sources of income besides my full time job. I wrote recently about getting into the stock market and I must say it is the best thing I have ever done. On a good day I make more than I do at work. On a bad day I may lose a little bit but the profits outweigh the losses probably 10:1. For every $1000 i make I may lose $100. I posted about buying Ford stock, best move I ever made. I bought in at around 1.00 per share and it is around 6.00 a share. I have not sold yet b ut that is the exception to the rule. In this market (and I don't know how much longer it will last). Fundamentals are out the window. I usually buy small caps less than 10 dollars and keep them until they gain 20-30%. If they are losers I will sell when I lose around 10%. There is a lot more to it than that but I am saving my secrets to wealth in case I want to write a book. I have been doing a lot a reading on making money especially from one incredible author. I am not going to reveal his name now because I may want to have an affiliate link on this page in the near future. So at that time you can all go out and read his books. The put making lots of money in the simplest of terms but in ways you never thought of before. I have not yet put all of his methods to work for me but if I keep making money in the stock market I will be using his other techniques very soon. One piece of advice I will give you (not from a book) is check out all the biotech stocks that are working on the H1N1 virus, since the WHO has labeled it a pandemic every one and his brother will be racing to get that first vaccine approved by the FDA. Then they will get gobbled up by the big drug companies.

Speaking of drug companies, Bestmedicationstation (the only online prescription company I use) is doing better than ever. As a matter of fact I ordered medicine for my lower back pain yesterday and received it by FedEx today. I love overnight shipping. The prices are reasonable because you do not have to leave work to go see a doctor and the consultation is FREE. You just fill out a medical questionnaire (and be honest) and a certified MD approves it, a licensed pharmacist fills it and you get it the next day. Just click here and you are on your way. It is simple, it is legal and they send you reminders when you a due for a refill (but they don't harass you). I have been using them for about 3 years and I have never been disappointed. They deliver to you your door, your place of business, and even the FedEx store and they will sign for you. Check it out they have hundreds of medications. You cant go wrong. Till next time. Make money and Get Rich! Next time I will tell you how to get the get the best get rich books.

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