Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Big Brother's Watching-My Take on Tracked, Traced, and Databased

I have never been one to be very paranoid about Big Brother watching my actions, and I know that our Understanding Privacygovernment keeps tabs on people in many ways. They keep tabs on what websites they visit and what they post.  There are cameras everywhere; at banks, in malls, at traffic signals, there is a camera in my laptop.  I just never thought that I had anything to hide and that there would be no reason for the government to worry about me.

I am beginning to think otherwise.  I am vocal on facebook and make no  secret that I think this administration is trying to ruin this country and that just in case there is a revolution, there are things one should do to prepare.  I am not a gun collector, even though I own a handgun and some hunting guns. However; I do believe that I may be being watched and labeled as a "gun nut".  I am not a "gun nut", I never even owned a handgun until a couple of years when I became a silver nut.  Because I am always trading in silver and gold I bought a handgun. But I never thought that my constitutional right to own a gun and to speak my mind would get me labelled as someone who should be watched.

Well, in my work I fly all over the country, I am probably out of town more than I am in town.  So, last Monday when I went to check in at the local airport, I was pulled aside and told that they would have to process me differently.  They swabbed my hands with something I can only assume is to detect explosives or GSR, then they took my case with my GPS (They always do this) and scrutinize it and open it.  I fly with the same case every week as do about twenty other people from my office, you would think they had seen a GPS unit before.  Then when I got on the plane, with all my suspicion aroused I know the guy next to me was an Air Marshall.  Well, that's just me, what about you.  Read this article on how we are being tracked, traced, and databased: http://www.lewrockwell.com/spl2/tracked-traced-databased.html. Then tell me I am just being paranoid.

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