Saturday, March 17, 2007

Cheap Dessert: Pears with Mayo and Cheese

I do not know where this dessert originated but my grandmother made it for me when I was young. I have never heard of it anywhere else and most people cringe when I tell them the ingredients, but somehow they complement each other perfectly; sweet, sour, cheesy, yummy. My wife is from Thailand and she loves it also. It is also very cheap and easy to make.

1 can of pear halves
grated chedder cheese (I usually buy the pregrated cheeses and you can use other cheese varieties such as colby, co-jack, etc.)

When I make it for me and the wife, I only use the pears in mine but my wife likes some of the pear juice. All you have to do is put your pear halves in a bowl so that halved side is up. put a dap of mayo int the little depression created when the seeds are cut out. then just sprinkle cheese over the mayo. Believe me this is good, and very inexpensive, thus, saving money. If anyone has ever heard of this recipe before please let me know, I am interested to knowif my grandmother came up with it or got it from someone else.


Joe Blank said...

My grandmother would make the same thing for me as a kid growing up in Georgia. I always thought of it as a southern thing probably but I am familiar with the utter disgust in people's faces when you make this. What do they know? It's good eatin'.

crycarroll said...

Yep! I do believe this is a Georgia original! My grandparents made it as well and you could always find these at a potluck or church picnic! :)

Anonymous said...

I just came across this post. My grandmother was from Georgia and made the same thing when I was a child. I've never had it anywhere else and I get the same look of disgust from other people too when I tell them about it, lol