Sunday, March 18, 2007

Dried Poppies for Sale

Buy dried poppy flowers, poppy seed and poppies: Find the most beautiful dried poppy pods for all your flower arrangement needs at View the varieties of dried flowers, poppies, poppy seed, and dried poppy pods we have available.

Poppy Pods:
Dutch Oval Poppy Pods
Turkish Special Poppy Pods
Giganthemum Poppy Pods
Tasmanian Poppy Pods

Poppy Seeds:
Oriental Poppy Seeds
Indian White Poppy Seeds

At Poppy Express we sell and provide information on all varieties of poppies. Our company is known worldwide for selling some of the highest quality dried flowers, poppies and the highest yield poppy seeds available anywhere. Poppies International has the most popular poppy pods on the market and we experience 75-80% repeat customers. We guarantee both the delivery and the quality of all of our products. Poppies have been used for over six thousand years both medicinally and for their beauty in garden plants and dried flowers. Currently it is illegal to grow papaver somniferum, opium poppy seed, and opium poppies in the US; however, it is legal to possess poppies, dried flowers, poppy seed and opium poppy seeds, all of which make some of the highest quality arrangements possible.

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