Wednesday, August 19, 2009

An Update

Well, it has only been about 2 weeks since I posted last. I must be getting better at this. I do have a full time job that takes up most of my time. I am an Environmental Consultant with aspirations of starting my own company. "I thought you wanted to retire" you might say. Well I mean retire from the rat race. I want to be free to work when I want to. I actually have created my own LLC so that when I go on "marketing trips" and "buying trips" to Asia or S. America I can use it as a business deduction. I am in the process of getting all my streams of income blanketed under the LLC. If anyone would like to be an affiliate for Best Medication Station please contact me at I am looking for a few affiliates that will send me clients of the best sorts.

As an investment, I bought some foreclosed timeshares in Sebring, FL on Lake Jackson. I am vacationing there week after next. I plan to rent them when I am not there. They are at Harder Hall Resort Villa. If anyone is interested in a week in South Central FL close to Orlando, contact me. I am also interested in purchasing some wooded acreage in south LA, MS, or AL. If anyone has or knows of 80-100 acres of land for sale at a decent price, again contact me. Well, that's the update. Please check out the sponsors. Thanks!

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