Thursday, September 07, 2006

I Have Snake Eggs

I have raised snakes for about 16 years. I have raised only colubrids and boids (non-venomous) such as corn snakes, various species of Kingsnakes and Milkesnakes as well as gopher, bull and pine snakes. I have also raised sand boas. When I graduated college finally, my work kept me busy and I began to neglect my snakes. I decided to donate all of them to a fellow who does educational outreach to children, but I also decided to keep one pair of snakes. This pair though not especially exotic or rare was special to me. I kept the first pair of captive bred corn snakes I ever bought at the first reptile show I had ever been to. I bought them at the yearly reptile expo they have in Orlando, Fl. in 1992 0r 1993. I bought a amelanistic male and a normal phase female. what I did not know was that they are both heterozygous (recessive gene) for anerythrism (big word mean no red). So when they mated I got 4 different colored offspring. I got some amelanistic, anerythristic, normals, and snow corns (kind of all white, but you can see kind of greenish out lines of the pattern). Anyhow, used to breed them every year and sell or trade the offspring for what ever reptiles I fancied at the time. I have not bred them in maybe 5 years or more. Well, this year i though, what the hell, lets see if they will actually breed again. The female laid eggs on June 25, and here are pictures of the parents and the eggs.

The amelanistic male

The normal female

The eggs

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