Friday, September 29, 2006

A New Corn Snake Morph?

The more I look at one of my hatchlings I wonder if I have a new corn snake morph or just a a natural variant normal corn snake. Usually the parents of this hatchling produce amelanistic, anerythristic, snow, and normal phase offspring. This time I got four amelanistic and one that I thought at first was normal. The more I looked at the "normal " corn I noticed things like it had very little red on its body. There is no red in the saddles and only a little splotch of red between each saddle. There is no red coloration on its sides, and the on neck the saddles break in the middle and creates a red line down the top of the neck. I have looked on websites that show the different morphs of corn snakes and I have not seen anything that really looks like this snake. The closest morph to it I think is the "black albino" but with the little red splotches, striped neck, and red on its face. Maybe if someone out there reads this and had seen this variation of corn snake before, they could please leave a comment.

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