Sunday, September 24, 2006

My Snake Babies

As I reported in an earlier post that my corn snake eggs were hatching. Unfortunately egg hatching success was not very good, only 5 eggs hatched. This could have been for several reasons:
  1. The parents are getting old
  2. Her laying took me by surprise and I was not prepared
  3. The eggs were not prepared for incubation right away
  4. I do not have an incubator so I incubated them at room temperature

What I did once I noticed that she had laid eggs, was to use moistened vermiculite in a plastic whipped topping box. I put a few airholes in the lid and put a probe thermometer through the lid. I placed the eggs in the vermiculte as best I could, trying to keep the eggs in the same orientation as they were laid. Then I put the container in the top of a closet in a room that stays fairly warm. According to the thermometer, the tempeture remained pretty stable around 80F.

Even though I only had five eggs hatch, the hatchlings are beauties. I had 4 amelanistic, like the father and one that is close to the "normal phase" of corn snakes. To me the dark one is the most beautiful, it only has a small amount of red in btween the dark splotches and instead of splotches it has lengthwise stripes on its neck. I have not been keeping up with all the designer corns that have come out in the last few years, but if anyone knows if this is a known variant, please let me know.

I plan to keep the dark one but I will probably sell the others. Anyone interested in an amelenistic corn snake? They are hearty eaters, I have fed them twice and all of them quickly devoured their pinks both times. Wel, talk is cheap so I am going to post some photos of them. Also in the previous post the photos of the parents and the eggs are finally up, so make sure you go back and check them out.

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